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Fmr. Mass Gov. Cellucci on Rudy and Romney

I had a chance to interview former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci today, and I'm noticing a recurring theme among Rudy's surrogates ...  

When I interviewed Texas Congressman Pete Sessions
back on October 1, he mentioned to me that one of the reasons he was supporting Rudy was that Rudy came to Texas to campaign for him in a tough election. 

Cellucci also echoed those sentiments, when I asked him to share a personal story about Rudy:

... In '98 when I had a tough election campaign here in Massachusetts, uh, he came up the final night -- the day before the election --We went to the North end of Boston -- the Italian section.  We kind of had a little, uh, parade for the North end.  We ended up at, uh, uh, an Italian restaurant having "pizzer" and beer.  And then we went and had a couple of cigars.  That's a very fond memory of Rudy helping me out when I needed some help.  And he was there for me, and I'm very proud to be there for him."
All politics is personal, and Rudy Giuliani clearly was wise to go out of his way to do favors for key Republicans across the country.  It is also noteworthy that in both cases, Rudy came to the rescue in their hour of need ... 

Of course, aside from the personal story, the newsworthy story is that this former Massachusetts Governor isn't supporting Mitt Romney.  Cellucci was second in the succession of 16 consecutive years of Republican governors in Massachusetts.  As a Pro-Choice law-and-order Republican, it is not entirely surprising that Cellucci is also a strong supporter of Mayor Giuliani.  The former Massachusetts Republican Governors are all supporting different candidates for president:  "
We've got all the bases covered," he told me.

On why he's supporting Rudy instead of Romney, Cellucci told me:

"I respect Mitt Romney and I like Mitt Romney ... and I do give Mitt points for not raising any broad-based taxes during his four years as governor.  But I think Rudy Giuliani's record on fiscal matters is far superior because he had broad-based tax relief in New York City, the tax burden in New York City went down about 17 percent during his eight years as Mayor, whereas in Massachusetts, the tax burden went up 10 percent during Mitt Romney's four years."
Also, like every Rudy surrogate, Cellucci tells me that Rudy will appoint strict constructionist judges. 

... On Rudy's support of the New York Yankees, Cellucci said:  "Well, I told him that is one of his weaknesses."  He also predicts the Patriots will go undefeated...

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