A New Hillary Narrative?

Posted: Oct 31, 2007 10:27 AM

Obviously, Hillary Clinton is up in the polls in a major way.  Still, I can't help but think the driver's license thing (which she called a "gotcha" question) may have hurt her last night.  As John Edwards (and to a lesser extent, Barack Obama) pointed out, she literally was on both sides of the same issue in a two-minute span. 

And while the number of people who watched last night's debate was probably minuscule, the real problem for her comes when this is shown on YouTube and in today's media cycle. 

Simply put, it's in the media's best interest to keep this race interesting -- and that means knocking Hillary down a peg. 

Was last night the beginning of a new narrative about Hillary?

Update - 11:21: Rudy talks to Glen Beck about the driver's license question.

Update - 11:27: The RNC is hoping to drive the narrative that Hillary has a "Strategy of Avoiding Direct Answers to Questions."

Update - 11:44: Marc Ambinder has video up of Clinton Chief Strategist Mark Penn talking about the driver's license question.