In The Press Area

Posted: Oct 19, 2007 10:33 AM
It is weird sitting in the press area. When Brownback told a story of how Mother Teresa said just three words to him, "all for Jesus," the crowd broke into applause. I found myself wanting to join in, but caught myself when I realized applauding would be a dead-giveaway to all the reporters sitting on their hands that I was a bit out of place...

In other news, Tom Tancredo has gotten the biggest applause, and thrown the most red meat, to the crowd that I've heard all year.

He chose an interesting place to come out against "compassionate conservatism," but it worked, and I think that's telling.  He says the only adjective he wants before him is "unapologetic conservative."

The crowd went wild when he said he was pro-life, not because Iowa voters are pro-life, but because God said; "I knew you in the womb."

He told the audience to ask the "so-called top-tier candidates if they believe illegal immigration is creating a, "linguistic and cultural Tower of Babel."

Another good line...

"The conservative movement is not supposed to choose a candidate, it’s supposed to produce one."

In truth, top-tier candidates using consultant-written, focus-grouped speeches, will have a hard time following this...