Dobson Speaks Out on 3rd Party

Posted: Oct 04, 2007 9:24 AM
Dr. Dobson has an op-ed in the NY Times today, offering some clarifications on the meeting which ignited the 3rd Party rumors ... 
After two hours of deliberation, we voted on a resolution that can be summarized as follows: If neither of the two major political parties nominates an individual who pledges himself or herself to the sanctity of human life, we will join others in voting for a minor-party candidate. Those agreeing with the proposition were invited to stand. The result was almost unanimous.

... The other approach, which I find problematic, is to choose a candidate according to the likelihood of electoral success or failure. Polls don’t measure right and wrong; voting according to the possibility of winning or losing can lead directly to the compromise of one’s principles. In the present political climate, it could result in the abandonment of cherished beliefs that conservative Christians have promoted and defended for decades. Winning the presidential election is vitally important, but not at the expense of what we hold most dear.

Update: 10:49 - This WaTimes story -- Young evangelicals diverge from GOP -- should prove very concerning to the Republican Party ...

Update: 11:27 Politico's Jonathan Martin reports on Fred Thompson's comments about Dobson last night on Hannity and Colmes:

"A gentleman who has never met me, has never talked to me," Thompson said of Dobson. "I have never talked to him on the phone. I did have one of his aides call me up and kind of apologize the first time he attacked me and said I wasn't a Christian."

Then, when asked helpfully by Hannity -- ever the conservative peacemaker -- if he would be willing to have a sit-down with Dobson to patch things up, Thompson didn't mince words.

"I don't particularly care to have a conversation with him. If he wants to call up and apologize again, you know, it's OK with me. But I'm not going to dance to anybody's tune.”