Update From the Petraeus Hearing

Posted: Sep 10, 2007 1:23 PM
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Watch it live on WaPost.

It'll be easy to predict Dana Milbank's column tomorrow.  Townhall's Amanda Carpenter blackberry's me the following from the hearings: 

The hearing, so far, has already been a mess.  They haven't been able to make the Gen's mike work for 10 minutes they can't find his testimony -- and the protesters are getting antsy.

Skelton is yelling at them now they are on a 5-minute break and we've only got thru the Chairman and Ranking Member's opening statements.

Also..while they were on the break getting his mike together all the front seat press (NYT, etc) got to ask Petreaus questions unguarded...VERY unusual Skelton has warned the protesters at least 4x now to be quiet.

The Dems accuse Petraus of being unable to manage a WAR, but they can't even manage his HEARING.

Update:  Petraeus' quote of the day (so far):  Troops can return "to the pre-surge level of combat teams by next summer."

... So far, about 4 protesters have been removed.

... What the General probably wants to say.

... Petraeus reccomends "a reduction of brigade teams as the surge runs it’s course."

... More quotes: 

"I have recommended a drawdown of the surge forces from Iraq. In fact, later this month, the Marine Expeditionary United deployed as a part of the surge will depart Iraq. Beyond that if my recommendations are approved, that unit's departure will be followed by a withdrawal of a brigade combat team without replacement in mid-December and the further redployment without replacement of four other combat teams and the two surge Marine battalions in the first 7 months of 2008 until we reach the pre-surge level of 15 bridgade combate teams by mid-July 2008.

"Surge reductions will continue beyond pre-surge levels of brigade combat teams that we will reach by mid-July 2008."