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Barry Who? Not in <em>My</em> World ...

Last night, Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's home run record. Or did he?

You see, in my world ... Hank Aaron is still my home run king.

Now, you might think this is burying my head in the sand -- or that I'm planning to go into the bumpersticker slogan business. In reality, it's just a fun little diversion that keeps me sane (or as sane as someone can be who thinks Cal Ripken is still his shortstop).

For example, in Matt's world ...

... Cal Ripken is my shortstop.

... Ronald Reagan is my president.

... Newt Gingrich is my speaker

... Joe Gibbs is my coach (okay, this one is actually true)

You can play along at home, if you like.

(_____ is still my _____.)

Discuss ...

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