More Shattered Glass?

Posted: Jul 27, 2007 5:21 PM

For those people who believe that bloggers do not add to the national discourse or keep reporters or politicians honest, today definitely proves that the opposite is true and if it was not for bloggers, many people would not know about the deep political bias that exists in the “mainstream media.”

Today’s blog posts on the Washington Post education reporter who got front page coverage in that newspaper -- falsley identifying sources and creating stories with no factual merit -- are showing that many reporters and editors from the mainstream media are no longer reliable fact-checkers.

From “Is Our Reporters Learning?” to “WaPo Sending ‘Make it Up’ Reporter to Iraq”to “Is WaPo Sending a Fabulist To Iraq?”, bloggers are really jumping on this issue.

And why, shouldn’t they…This is another example from the files of Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass, files from the mainstream media that show the vanishing credibility of the MSM and the importance of an alternative media form that is willing to cry foul when "credible" sources become less credible than Dan Rather on the CBS evening news.