Re: State of the Race ...

Matt Lewis
Posted: Jun 07, 2007 10:22 AM

Dean - I've got to respectfully set the record straight. I'm not a "McCain supporter." In fact, I don't think it's wise for any blogger (who is not a "campaign blogger") to be solidly in any camp, right now.

I have often defended his campaign's viability (not policy) or strategic decisions (such as skipping Ames). In my estimation, political analysis is philosophically neutral. For example, one might argue that Obama can win the election, without being accused of being an "Obama supporter".

Moreover, I have often found myself at Townhall, playing Devil's advocate, in an attempt to keep the site from becoming "Romney-Central." It's not that I change my positions, but if there are already two or three bloggers mentioning a positive Romney story, what can I add to that? And if McCain has a good poll out -- and nobody is mentioning it -- I think that's a disservice to our readers for us all to ignore it ...