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About Last Night

So how does the debate look in the morning?  I've had some time to think about it.

- Since the first debate, McCain has gotten better and Romney has either gotten worse -- or his smoothness is less impressive.


- Huckabee is, without a doubt, the undisputed leader of the 2nd tier.  He may have a bright future, and if so, he will probably owe a lot to the exposure these debates gave him.

- Like I said last night, what if we could have a divided presidency (I don't really support this, mind you, but play along): Rudy would handle the security and fiscal matters, and Huckabee would do social issues.

- McCain came into last night with the most to prove.  He easily survived the Immigration issue, and that, alone, is a win for him.

- Rudy's "lighting" moment will be the most played clip of the night.  I think the humor of the whole thing helps him.

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