It's Gurtha!

Posted: May 31, 2007 8:14 AM

From "Tricky Dick" -- to "Slick Willy" -- to "The Hammer" -- a good bad nickname can go a long way toward creating just the right image ...

It is for this reason that, henceforth, I shall refer to Murtha as "Gurtha!"

... Will it stick?  That depends on you! 

All I can guarantee is that I shall only refer to him by his new name. 

You helped pick it -- and only you can propogate this meme ...  So how can we get the "Gurtha" label to stick? 

Well, I guess using it in the comments is a good start.  Maybe someone can call in to CSPAN or some of our radio shows?  Any talk show callers out there?  Other suggestions on how to spread the word are welcome ...