Mr. Brightside

Posted: May 16, 2007 4:12 PM

Sometimes when a second-tier candidate runs for president, he ends up looking bad.  But sometimes he comes away looking great -- even if he loses.  I think Mike Huckabee fits into the latter category.  Let me explain ...

It's hard to imagine a scenario in which Mike Huckabee would win the nomination this year.  But his performance in the first two debates has impressed a great number of observers.  It looks like this guy might have a real future.  Here's why:

As a Christian conservative from the South, Huckabee might make a very attractive VP pick for Rudy or McCain. 

And the fact that he is still in his early fifties leads me to believe that this man has a real future.  I believe that in eight years, he will be only 59.  That's still relatively young.

He's already got the communications skills to win.  If Huckabee could find the right advisors, tap into the right fundraising networks, and patch things up with the Club for Growth, he could be a dangerously serious candidate in four -- or even eight -- years.

Another reason I believe Huckabee might have the chops to win is his experience in the Southern Baptist Convention.  I'm told that internecine struggles within the group are more brutal than even a College Republican election.  Simply put, the nastiness associated with these elections make running for U.S. President look like a stroll in the park.