Why is Planned Parenthood a Big Deal?

Posted: May 08, 2007 11:23 AM

I just don't understand why the revelation that Rudy donated to Planned Parenthood is receiving so much attention.  We already know Rudy is Pro-Choice, and in fact, in favor of taxpayer funded abortion.

It's not that I think giving to Planned Parenthood is a good thing.  But, in my mind, giving his own money to the pro-abortion cause is actually less startling than taking the taxpayer's money to support something they don't believe in ...

Update - 11:55 AM:  One of our commenters, Frog, makes a very good point:

It's a big deal because ... he always says he's "personally" opposed to it.  Well, if he's "personally" opposed to it, WHY IS HE DONATING MONEY TO SUPPORT IT?