Channeling Reagan?

Posted: Apr 19, 2007 7:20 AM

Last night, Governor Mitt Romney received the Ronald Reagan award from Frontiers of Freedom. He also took opportunity to talk about the recent massacre at Virginia Tech:

By using the Cain and Abel analogy, it occured to me, that Gov. Romney was making a very true (and very conservative) point that evil exists -- and that ignoring it is naive.  He used this premise to discuss VA Tech -- but also to discuss North Korea, and other problems that we confront as a nation.  It also made the point that, though we live in a world with evil, there are also heroes.

But it also struck me that using the Cain and Abel analogy was a very subtle way of relating to folks with a Judeo-Christian background, and conveying the similarities that Mormonism has with that faith tradition.  It seemed to work.

Next, Governor Romney talked about Professor Librescu, a Holocoaust survivor who saved the lives of several students by blocking the doors.  Is it just me, or does he sound Reaganesque here? 

 And if that wasn't Reaganesque enough for you, here he is talking about the American people ...

(From a purely tactical/public speaking point of view -- he sure has the hand gesutres down, doesn't he?)

Governor Romney had a good night. Any time someone offers to give you the Ronald Reagan award -- you take it.