Brownback vs. Romney (More Thoughts)

Posted: Apr 16, 2007 8:21 AM

Here are some more thoughts on the Romney/Brownback rivalry ...

1.  As I pointed out in my first post, a rivalry does not necessitate two equal sides. The Redskins and Cowboys have a rivalry -- even though both teams are rarely good at the same time. Marsha and Jan had a rivalry -- even though we know Marsha always won...

2.  Concerning my point that Brownback's campaign is angered that Romney is taking some Catholic support, one commenter (from a previous post) wrote that theology should not matter.

In the real world of campaign politics, we don't deal with what should exist --- we deal with what does exist.

And the truth is that the way you appeal to a Catholic voter differs from the way you appeal to a Southern Baptist voter (and vice versa). If you're a candidate, that's just common sense. The RNC, for example, has a person whose title is: Director of Catholic Outreach. 

The RNC has this position because theology does matter to some voters and donors.

3. Is this rivalry real?  Anyone who attended CPAC witnessed the tension between the two camps.  The Brownback/Romney rivalry is not something I have simply invented. I have contacts and sources on every major presidential campaign -- as should any blogger or journalist who is writing some sort of analysis. Of course, I can't tell you that "Jo Bob on the Brownback campaign says such and such ..." 

4.  So why is this happening now?  It is in Brownback's interest to "pick a fight" with Romney.  When you are the underdog, you benefit from attention.  This explains why Brownback's team is questioning Romney's pro-Life credentials.

5.  Why these two?  Brownback's campaign does not have the same interest in taking on McCain or Rudy.  Romney is the candidate currently occupying Brownback's niche.