Trent Lott & Don Imus

Posted: Apr 13, 2007 10:13 AM

In late 2002, a "contrite" Trent Lott went on BET to apologize for his praise of Strom Thurmond.  He referred to his own remarks as "insensitive," "repugnant," and "inexcusable."

This past week, Don Imus went on Al Sharpton's radio show and described his own comments as "inappropriate" and "stupid."

Both men followed this strategy:

1.  Don't go on a "friendly" show -- go into the "lion's den," so to speak. 

2.  Apologize profusely and admit you were wrong.

... Did it work for either of them?  In the short-term, no. But in the long-run, who knows? 

(Well, Lott lost his leadership position ... but he's been able to make a pretty good comeback ...)

Traditional political wisdom says that you have to face problems head-on.  But consider this: Ann Coulter and Mel Martinez weathered recent political storms by merely laying low -- and waiting for a bigger story to "change the subject..."  

Dick Cheney granted Britt Hume the first interview after his hunting "accident"? He was criticized for talking to a "friendly" host -- but he survived the scandal ...