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More Blogger Drama ... (In Defense of My Man Mitt)

Oh the drama of the blogosphere ... Here's the latest spat:

Soren Dayton (who was on the bus with me in New Hampshire) has a post up in which he accuses MyManMitt of intentionally misquoting John McCain.


The quote in question comes from a video in which John McCain clearly says: "... I’d also like to point out that the courts have said that money is not free speech. Money is property."

(MyManMitt quotes McCain as having said: "Money is not free speech. Money is property.")

In my view, Soren is being too hard on MyManMitt. Yes, technically McCain was misquoted -- but not misrepresented.  It is clear that McCain agrees with the courts -- that's why he is quoting them. In my view, this is a matter of semantics (and not worth flaming somebody over). 

But that's not the end of it.  Soren goes on to add:

Just dishonest. Shameful. And this is not the first time. This is the way the Romney campaign — which MyManMitt (and Evangelicals for Mitt, also liars) is a talking mouth for — behaves.


Among other complaints, Soren also adds that Romney's team "lied about Sam Brownback."

But, as far as I can tell, Romney's team was correct about Brownback when they wrote: "When Brownback was elected to office that is when he also had a conversion and voted with the pro-life movement."

In fact, back in January, I wrote a piece detailing how Sam Brownback was once pro-Choice. My piece is well-sourced, and includes quotes from the former GOP Chairman, as well as the former director of development for Kansans for Life.

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