Romney's Conservative Credentials Committee

Posted: Feb 05, 2007 1:25 PM

If you've ever wondered how Gov. Mitt Romney has been able to effectively woo so many conservatives (especially considering his recent conversion to the Pro-Life cause), much of the credit belongs to a devout Roman Catholic named Peter Flaherty. I ran into Peter recently at the Ramesh Ponnuru book signing party. He's a good guy who is highly respected in the conservative community. 

Gary Marx, who served in this capacity for the Bush/Cheney '04 campaign, is also lending his advice and counsel to the Romney outreach effort.  With highly-respected movement conservative advisors like Flaherty and Marx, it's no wonder the Romney campaign has been able to secure a lot of support from conservatives. 

(Granted, Romney is a charismatic candidate who has a lot of talent.  But he is also wise to have brought on some conservative sherpas.)

Earlier today, I wrote about how presidential candidates should attend conservative events (such as CPAC).  It occurs to me that Flaherty and Marx are probably a major reason Mitt Romney is attending almost every major conservative event.

Update: 2:16 PM:  In other news, National Journal's On-Call blog reports:

"Mitt Romney's campaign became the first WH '08 GOP effort to officially start a pro-active recruitment effort today on The membership drive started over the weekend when Romney online communications director Stephen Smith sent a message to about 40 or 50 activists asking for their help with today's launch."