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Update from Baltimore Conservative Meeting

We're sitting here in Baltimore with Rep. Louie Golmert (R-TX), Rep. Steve King (R-IA), and Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA).  Here are some quick things to come out of the meeting.


Rep. Gingrey  is concerned that Republicans "get back our brand."  He believes that having a conservative "brand" is essential.  He's also worried that some Republicans will get used to being in the minority.  He said that is a dangerous mindset.

Rep. King spoke to us a lot about immigration.  He said this is the one area we have to fight the president on.  But, on the positive side, he said that, unlike Iraq, immigration is one are where conservatives are generally in agreement.  King said there will be "a trail of tears" for those who advocate amnesty.  He also noted that $65 billion worth of drugs" come across our Mexican border every day.

Rep. Gohmert was very critical of our Immigration Service, saying, "There are third world nations that process applications better than us."  He said of the Immigration Service, "We need to clean house." 

He also said that we should not look at the '06 elections and assume that the American people have moved on social issues. 

Stay tuned ...

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