Clinton/Obama Ad Face-Off in South Dakota

Posted: May 27, 2008 12:27 PM
Hillary is running on the fiction in South Dakota that she'll return us to "fiscal responsibility." She's got a new TV ad up on the subject:

She's also running a radio ad that takes aim at the pundits for calling on her to get out of the race:
"In Washington, some people say the presidential primary in South Dakota doesn't much matter. That your voice doesn't really count," the announcer says in the spot. "But you know what? Tuesday, we can show 'em. We can pick a president. After all, just because South Dakota comes last in the primaries doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be heard loud and clear. And we can pick the candidate who'll stand up for us. Hillary Clinton."
Show 'em, Hill!

Obama, on the other hand, is using noted South Dakotan loser of historic proportions, Tom Daschle, to shore up rural support in the state: