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Posted: Apr 22, 2008 4:30 PM


You know who's from Pennsylvania? That's right. Poison.

What to expect in Pennsylvania tonight. Geraghty says Hillary by four, but he's got a lot of "buts" in there. I said Hillary by 8 last week on Hugh Hewitt's show.

Speaking of "buts," the Clinton campaign brings us "ass you can believe in."

Reportedly "astronomical" turnout in Philly. Maybe some of those new voters Obama's counting on to close the gap.

Clinton offers total obliteration...of Iran, in the event of an attack on Israel. In response to this and the OBL ad, I find myself in the very odd position of agreeing with Matt Yglesias, at least on strategy:
At the end of the day, if this is an election about how in uncertain times we need to flee into the arms of a strong, comforting, figure of experience and authority then that figure is John McCain. The alternative story is that in uncertain times we need to turn the pages on disastrous policies that have gotten us into our current mess.
Obama fills that "alternative story" much more comfortably than Hillary, except for when he's touting McCain's ability to be a fine president. Oops.

The right-wing hawks get all giddy when Hill talks like this, though. She's such a naughty girl.

Obama gets Willie Horton-ed.

Using Twitter to relay news about the "colorful" problems Philly voting can pose.

Bill Clinton's Operation Destroy Wife Strategically and Publicly in Work Life, a post-lude to Destroy Wife Emotionally and Publicly in Personal Life continues apace.

Incoming! Pa. spin!

Obama the Wimp solidifies his title.

HRC: "A win is a win."

The first in the David Brock $40 million hit parade on McCain paints him as a Kerry-style playboy with sugar momma. Really lame.

Hillary's whippin' up a win. Better get your oven mitts on, 'cause she's too hot to handle! She's fixin' to nuke Iran like a one of them Velveeta/salsa combo dips. And, all of it's a bit...

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