I'm the Worst!

Posted: Jan 28, 2008 9:15 PM
According to a couple incoming e-mails, I was Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" tonight. I am, of course,  honored to be joining such good conservative company in the vast cast of hopelessly evil pink Republican elephants haunting Olby's imagination. I am even more honored to have beaten out such tough competition in Glenn Beck and Karl Rove for the top spot. Imagine that. More "worst" than the Architect himself???

I'm not sure what I won for, but apparently it was something on my rather benign appearance on "Reliable Sources" this Sunday. That's the same edition of "Reliable Sources" that Olbermann appeared on, suggesting that he likely only watches TV shows during which he can admire and ponder the elegant swoop of his own ashen newscaster pompadour.

Back to work.

Update: Ooh, the first of the enlightened liberal acolytes of Olbermann writes to tell me to go back to pole-dancing. Progressive!

I haven't watched this yet because I'm watching SOTU, but I glanced at it on mute and it seems to consist of a bad screen shot of me and Olbermann yelling at my photographic representation. A lot. My little brother tells me Olby took issue with my saying Clinton got a "pass" from media. My point, which I made fairly clear on the show was that Bubba's not used to the quick and constant fact-checking of the Internet and 24-hour news cycle age and that it pisses him off when his mis-statements and blow-ups are routinely recorded and picked apart. Olbermann's position is that because the media didn't black out coverage of Clinton's coitus internus in the Oval Office, he was never, ever treated with kid gloves by the press. Right. Thanks to Allah for grabbing this. Enjoy the vid.