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I was on "Reliable Sources" on CNN this morning, talking the Clintons, race politics, and debate fact-checking by the media. I'm looking for a video to post at some point.

Before I went on, I shared the green room with Hayden Panettiere of "Heroes" fame. I heard there were paparazzi waiting outside the studios for her when she got there. Who knew D.C. had paparazzi? I didn't go all shutterbug on her, partly because I didn't want to bug her, and partly because getting a picture would have required my taking a picture next to the painfully cute Panettiere before I had my make-up on. Heh, not gonna happen.

She's in town for some sort of "Save the Whales" campaign. She was just as cute as she is on TV, and during the short time I saw her, did not order anyone to do anything for her or display any diva-like behavior, giving me all the  evidence I need to continue believing that she is as pleasant, smiley, and normal-seeming a starlet as one could hope to see. In fact, she was talking about finding Democratic debate highlights on YouTube to keep up with the news.

Good for her. I fought the urge to grab her by the shoulders and yell, "Please, be careful in Hollywood! You're only 18 and no one wants to see you become a blur of Frappucinos, hair extensions, bad decisions, and multiple personalities by the time you're 25. Take heed! Take heed!"

I thought that might be overdoing it.

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