A Take on Ron Paul

Posted: Jan 24, 2008 9:39 PM
I didn't mention him in my preview earlier, because I'm part of the conspiracy, but my conservative-ish friend who's not particularly paying attention to the campaign IMs about Ron Paul:
Ron Paul's ridiculous.

I haven't seen much of him, but what he just said sounds like an idealistic 7th grader.

Update: Oh, calm down a little, Ron Paul people. I thought y'all would have calmed down a bit with the aggressive defense after the whole racist newsletter thing. Fact is, I like some of Ron Paul's small-government ideas, but he totally loses me on foreign policy, as he does my friend, referenced above.

I know you guys don't agree but it seems hopelessly unrealistic to many voters to run things the way Paul wishes we would, especially on the foreign policy front. Deal with the fact that this is how he sounds to voters. It's not a smear. It's an opinion, from a voter he hasn't convinced, and your overwrought comments in the comments section I would wager haven't helped. Anyway, there are worse epithets for Paul than "idealistic 7th grader" that are wholly supported by writings under his own name. Why don't you use the comments section to explain some of that stuff, or is the movement a "come for the libertarianism, stay for the racism" kind of thing?