McCain vs. Huck

Posted: Jan 19, 2008 7:23 PM
It's close for now, with very few votes in. For every exit poll category McCain wins, Huck wins another, but it's a race between the two for No. 1.
The battle for the lesser of two annoyances! Ha, I kid. I kid.

Exit polls show, among other things:

McCain wins 63-2 over Huck with those voting on "experience."

Huckabee wins 45-13 over McCain on values. (Thompson's third with 18 percent.)

McCain, of course, wins moderates 45-20.

Huck is leading among very conservative voters over McCain, 38-20. (In what cannot be a good sign for him, Thompson only grabs 19 percent of those voters who should be responding to the "consistent conservative" Southerner.)

McCain went after Huckabee after recent attacks in South Carolina from Huck supporters, with this clever web ad, which popped up yesterday: