George Will on the State of the Race

Posted: Jan 05, 2008 7:38 PM
I was seated on the plane right near George Will and saw fit to bug him for a few minutes after we landed. He was nice enough to chat a bit. I tried to grab Donna Brazile, but she declined. Too ba; she's always entertaining.

Will on Huckabee:
"I'm assuming Huckabee's just treading water here and the question is how long he'll be in it after this."
I asked him what the Huck surge meant for us fiscal libertarians in the party:
"It's a disaster... You can read my column at tomorrow. It's pretty scathing."
I asked what he thought about Huck's chances in S.C.:
"Well, it's the second most hospitable state to him. (On the other hand,) it's historically a state that relies on good organization. The other guys are organized there and he is not. Of course, we all expected Iowa (results) to rely on organization. It didn't."
I asked him about McCain's surge in N.H.:
"He's won in New Hampshire before. Then we'll see...I think McCain's more apt to have a harmful effect (where Huck's concerned) than anything by knocking out Romney. He really dislikes Romney...McCain has a talent for hatred, and he seems to be employing it now."