En Route to New Hampshire: A Political Nerd's Dream

Posted: Jan 05, 2008 3:08 PM
I'm leaving for New Hampshire right now, and will be covering the debate tonight. My flight out-- we're sitting on the runway at the moment-- is a who's who of political stars.

I'm sitting across from Sam Donaldson and George Will, who were just chatting with Donna Brazile. I think there are some Hillary operatives on board, but sadly they're much quieter than Ed Rollins during the average diner visit. Ha.

I'm sure there are others on board I don't recognize right off the bat. Pretty much everyone is animatedly discussing the prospects for Tuesday's voting. Obama's "on fire," McCain is "surging but unlikely to repeat his 2000 margin," Romney and Hillary lost too late to be dispatched and will hang on for some time as the moneyed candidates. They're not to be counted out.

Fun times for a political junkie. We'll (meaning, Matt my camera guy and me) check back in when we're on the ground. Right now, I will prevent castigation at the hands of my flight attendant by putting this electronic device away.