Amanda Riles Moody Rollins (Update: Video Link Added)

Posted: Jan 03, 2008 9:40 PM
Amanda's scoop about Ed Rollins earlier, which is linked on Drudge, made it into Chris Wallace's interview with Rollins on Fox just now. As a result, the victor was somewhat more crabby than a winner normally is.

"That wasn't for public consumption," Rollins said repeatedly, calling the lunch with his wife a "private lunch."

Notably, he didn't deny any of it.

What seasoned political operative doesn't know there are eyes and ears everywhere on caucus day in Iowa? This guy is causing more problems for Huck than he can possibly be worth. I'm looking for a transcript or video of the exchange with Wallace, which was great, except that Wallace could have name-checked Amanda.

Update: Transcript

Chris: Ed, I'm not sure if you are aware of this but you are the subject of a blog on tonight. Someone says they overheard you eating at a restaurant called Winston's. First of all, did you eat at a restaurant called Winston's?

Rollins: I did. The tall beautiful blonde we are referring to is my wife. We snuck off to have lunch today. Obviously when you have
thousands and thousands of reporters covering it, there was no one else in the restaurant but one woman at another table and obviously she was the blogger.

She certainly sat down and took whatever we were saying was a private conversation between my wife and I.

Chris: Let me ask you, since she was right so far. Let me ask you about a couple of things that you allegedly said.

Rollins: She was right. I had carrot cake and I ate a rye sandwich.

Chris: You talked about going negative in south carolina. "Put some good in with the bad." Did you say that?

Rollins: It was a private conversation between my wife and I. I talked in terms of South Carolina is a different place. Once again, it was not for public consumption. and the reality is, Mike Huckabee makes the decisions in this campaign. I don't. It is a more negative state. I was talking to her about where this thing goes. She is a political novice and this is a whole new
game to her. I don't think she expected to have our private lunch with no one else in a private restaurant sitting there taking notes.

Chris: Unfortunately it isn't private anymore. It is all over the web. I am going to ask you one more question about it. She quotes you as saying "Rudy Giuliani is done, has no money and was hurt terribly by those police cruises with his girlfriends."

Rollins: I'm happy to confirm that obviously he has no money. If you good reporters want to go talk to the Giuliani campaign they will tell you they have been hurt and not raising money. ...He had a girlfriend, now his wife. The issue was he basically sent police cars out to take his girlfriend shopping across the state. I think a lot of people didn't like that. I think a lot of people thought it was a misuse of public property and a misuse of office.

Update: Bryan has video.