Omentum vs. Madgementum

Posted: Dec 11, 2007 12:35 PM
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First, it was Oprahpalooza for Obama (Video of me on The Big Story talking about it yesterday, here).

Then Hillary countered with Maya Angelou radio ads in S.C., in which Angelou shamelessly refers to Hill as "my girl, Hillary Clinton." Oooh, child! Full script, here.

And now, Madonna wants to sign up with Hillary.

Wonder how her 2006 mock crucifixion, 13 F-bombs on Letterman, "Justify My Love," making out with Britney in 2003, frolicking in a field of burning crosses, the 1984 "Like a Virgin" performance, and The Sex Book will play in Des Moines?

Coming soon, a Guy Ritchie-directed web ad starring Madonna in the back of a limo with another woman, which Madge has dubbed a "revolutionary" and "liberating" take on Hillary's "bring a buddy to caucus" campaign.

And proving that not all celebrity endorsements are so glamorous, check out the venue for the big Tim Robbins and John Edwards rally in Iowa. Heh.