And, It Begins...

Posted: Nov 28, 2007 7:54 PM
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Anderson Cooper's warming up the crowd...He's apparently funny, although I can't hear him well.

I'm in the media room as opposed to the theater because, here, I can be plugged in and keep my computer up and running at all times. So, basically, it's like I'm at home, but with a really big TV, a less comfortable seat, and about 100 of my closest friends from the MSM.

CNN is reprising the Carson-style intros. I kind of like them. There are so many candidates on stage, it's nice to see each of them get a clear intro instead of magically appearing on stage as eight men in blue suits.

CNN's giving us the live feed from the auditorium during commercial breaks, which is funny. The front-row audience and photogs are asking for grins and waves, and all of the candidates are standing around sort of awkwardly, not too much engaged with one another.

By the way, I should have mentioned that there's a HUGE Ron Paul rally in the park nearby, but I couldn't get over there to take pictures in between getting interviews and running to the O'Reilly shot.

Well, the song was actually funny, but a little long for TV, I think. It had some simplifications and borderline cheap shots, but the candidates will have two hours to respond to any and all of them. I'm not sure it was the greatest way to frame the debate from the beginning, but not terribly hurtful. I thought the McCain line was best, and he seemed to like it, too: "McCain is loved by many and hated by the rest."

Update: Jonathan gets it dead-on about the song.