The Week in Kerik (Plus: On Like Donkey Kong Video)

Posted: Nov 12, 2007 9:30 AM
Here's the clip from last night's CNN appearance, thanks as always, to the ever-watchful Allah:

I thought it was interesting that we discussed Pat Robertson's endorsement half a week after it happened. We were supposed to discuss Bernie Kerik news, which would have been more timely and interesting. I wonder why the change at the last minute?

I mean, this is CNN. You'd think they'd be more likely to pound the Kerik thing a bit due to some institutional bias against the Republican front-runner, and because it was certainly a timely story this week. Does this mean the Kerik mess has less traction than I had guessed? I wouldn't have thought that'd be the case, but the wacky Robertson endorsement caused so much talk this week that it obscured the Kerik talk to some degree.

That may not last, though, according to reports from the trail:
AMES, Iowa -- Thursday brought another quick trip to Iowa for Giuliani, and while he was overshadowed by the Kerik indictment, he seemed to stick to the same script that he has consistently been using in the Hawkeye State.

After talking to reporters in the morning, perhaps to get the inevitable Kerik questions out of the way, Giuliani held two town hall meetings on college campuses in Cedar Falls and Ames, bringing out largely student audiences. The locations of the forums help Giuliani avoid local issues or maybe even tougher questions. He wasn’t really challenged much at either stop.
Also, you must click through to learn the new nickname I've earned from our old buddy Dean Barnett.