The Winner?

Posted: Sep 05, 2007 10:44 PM
Fox's focus group is calling it for...McCain?

Like, overwhelmingly.

They were verily disappointed in the man from New York.

I thought McCain did well, as he always does. He spoke well about the war, as he always does. He was eloquent about service, as he always is. Still not working for me and many other conservatives because of many things outside of the debate, and the immigration discussion, and the vote against the Bush tax cuts.

I thought Rudy was solid, had a few good laugh lines, laid out the stats for his job in NYC. The focus group gave him guff for being "stuck on NYC," but the only other option for him is being "stuck on 9/11," which he already gets guff for.

Romney didn't stand out for me, but I thought he stood up nicely under some really whithering questions. Youch.

Duncan Hunter shined in the second tier. Really smart guy with really in-depth answers, especially on Iraq and Iran. Huckabee was well-spoken and moving at times, and will probably get some points for facing off with Paul. Here's the video.

Fred didn't fare too badly, I don't think. The candidates didn't go after him too hard, and the debate was not a thunder-and-lightning affair. I thought the last Fox debate was far more entertaining, and this one may fade away quickly.

Update: Here's a GOP debate poll that you can compete with the Paulies to flood.

You can also text a vote to 36288 for the Fox News poll.

Paul was pretty entertaining and spoke often tonight, so I think the Paul-supporters will likely be pumped and calling and clicking like maniacs.

Update: Look for more video highlights shortly at Townhall Videos.

Update: Ron Paul, summarized:

MORE: Okay, I think Ron Paul's bit on homeland security after 9/11 was dead-on.

But later when he talked about how the American people didn't go to war, just a small cabal of neoconservatives, he sounded like, well, a kook. What about that Iraq war resolution in Congress?

That's how a lot of us feel about him. "Dang, he's really right about that. But, whoa, is he wrong about that."