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I'm no McCain-lover, but he deserved a bit more decorum from this questioner. This high-schooler is welcome to have a debate with the senator, but keep it polite, kid.

Of course, I'm sure this'll end like an old episode of 90210 in which plucky, reflexively liberal blossoming journalist Andrea Zuckerman takes on The Man in a patriarchal power struggle by editorializing self-righteously, being rude to authority figures, and handing out condoms in the cafeteria, thereby guaranteeing herself a prestigious spot as an intern at CNN. No kidding. The Times is probably calling him now.

"We could use a few more petulant, immature questions around this place, and you're just the man for the job!"

McCain, as is to be expected, handled it pretty deftly.

“You have one more? Go ahead you’re doing good,” McCain encouraged.
Update: "Thanks for the question, you little jerk." Steady under fire, McCain is.

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