Trash at the Miss Universe Pageant, Mexico City

Posted: May 29, 2007 9:40 AM

And, it was not on the stage.

Miss USA, Rachel Smith, kept it together admirably, despite the abuse:

Ms. Smith, who fell during the evening gown competition but recovered gracefully, was subjected to hatred again last night during the Top Five interviews,when hecklers in the audience launched into chants of "Mexico, Mexico"and disrupted her entire interview. The two hosts of the pageant,Vanessa Minillo and Mario Lopez, did nothing to chastise the crowd forthe rudeness shown to their fellow American.


Must be that obnoxious habit we have of providing half the country's GDP that they're mad about.

Update: It seems The Donald is somewhat less protective of this Miss U.S.A. than last year's. Here he is making excuses for the Mexico City audience booing Rachel Smith.

They were undoubtedly booing American policies, but if they want to voice their disapproval of American policies, they're welcome to come right across the border and march on May Day with a Mexican flag, just like the rest of our future citizens, instead of taking it out on Smith. After all, we support active involvement in politics, even for illegal aliens, so healthy is our democracy, right Kennedy? Bush? McCain?