Hugh's Weekend and the Coming Cloture

Posted: May 21, 2007 4:09 PM
Having read Hugh's exhaustive analysis of the immigration bill, you may be wondering to yourself, as I was, exactly how did he accomplish all that in one weekend?

Hmmmm.... (one bleep toward the end of that clip, fyi.)

Kidding, of course. Hugh's analysis is hugely helpful and illustrative of the fact that this bill may be crystal clear to the three staffers who've been negotiating it for years, but it's gonna take the rest of us some time to understand and act on a bill that will affect the composition and direction of this country's security and immigration laws for generations to come. And, we deserve that time.

Hugh, with help from his law degree, waded through it this weekend, probably at the expense of doing anything else. Since most Americans don't have that kind of time to devote to the bill, they at least deserve the week to read analyses like Hugh's, and the Memorial Day weekend to ask some energetic but respectful questions of their Congressmen and women when they come home.

This idea being floated for cloture tonight, frankly, comes off disrespectful of the serious concerns regular Americans have about this bill. And, no, Lindsay, we're not all bigots.