HamNation: The Milbloggers Take Over!

Posted: May 11, 2007 1:44 PM

Katie's busy gradu-ma-tating from Catholic University this week (Congrats!), so I put together a little interview piece from the Milblog Conference, about the new Army regulation, announced last week, which could kill combat blogging.

Thanks to Matt from Blackfive, Bill Roggio (embed extraordinaire), Sarah from TryingToGrok, Sean from DocintheBox, J.R. Salzman from LumberjackinaDesert, and Carla of SomeSoldier'sMom!

I have more footage of J.R., talking about his injury in Iraq and recovery from it, but I'm trying in vain to clean up the audio before I get it up. Anyone who could help me lighten it up and isolate his voice on the audio track, please let me know: mkham@townhall.com.

Update: Uncle Jimbo suggests that, since video-editing is the bane of my existence, I should take his approach:

You should try my technique, no ideas, no script, no effects, one take, then 30 minutes in iMovie and I'm having a cold one.

So, without adieu, the Friday Freefly!