Barack and Billary's Oscar-Week Showdown

Posted: Feb 21, 2007 12:04 PM

I blogged yesterday that the Clinton camp was upset that Obama was getting everything but a little gold statue in Hollywood this week.

Now, they're gonna be really mad. Long-time Clinton supporter and richie-rich Hollywood mogul David Geffen was talking the junk about the Clintons to Maureen Dowd this week. Catfight! (emphasis mine)

They fell out in 2000, when Mr. Clinton gave a pardon to Marc Richafter rebuffing Mr. Geffen’s request for one for Leonard Peltier. “MarcRich getting pardoned? An oil-profiteer expatriate who left the countryrather than pay taxes or face justice?” Mr. Geffen says. “Yet anothertime when the Clintons were unwilling to stand for the things that theygenuinely believe in. Everybody in politics lies, but they do it withsuch ease, it’s troubling.”
Oooh, burn.

And, this:

“I don’t think anybody believes that in the last six years, all of asudden Bill Clinton has become a different person,” Mr. Geffen says,adding that if Republicans are digging up dirt, they’ll wait until Hillary’s the nominee to use it. “I think they believe she’s theeasiest to defeat.”

Hillary's people, predictably, are asking Obama to cut ties with Geffen and return his money in light of his appalling "viciousness". Nobody likes it when their ATM turns on them.

And, the Obama camp swipes back. Nicce.

Political hardball on the Dem side, a year away from primaries. I like it.