The Silencing of the Dixie Chicks Continues Unabated

Posted: Feb 12, 2007 11:18 AM

They won five Grammys last night. I didn't even hear any of their album, I don't think. All I know is "they're not ready to make nice," or something. Eh.

Lorie Byrd finds the vapid musician quote of the night.

I think people are paranoid," former Grateful Dead member Mickey Hart told Reuters. "I think that if they speak out, they think they're gonna get whacked by the government. It's pretty oppressive now. Look at the Dixie Chicks. They got whacked."


Allah has video of Natalie Maines delivering a searing "Ha-ha" Nelson-style to the country music world. Dude, no one cares about you more than enough to be just vaguely annoyed by you. You're tiresome to the people who liked your music but hate your personality, and you're a political prop for those who love your personality and don't care for your music. Congrats.

The award for Ludacris, on the other hand? Totally and completely warranted. He's also on the tape, giving a shout-out to Bill O'Reilly. Heh. See how Luda gets just slightly political without crushing us with condescension and righteous indignation? Watch and learn, Chicks and Kanye.