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Pandering Defined

Michael Bloomberg at an MLK event in NYC:

"My personal favorite, the person that I am going to endorse, if he chooses to run as a New Yorker, is Congressman Rangel," Bloomberg said at an annual King Day worship service and celebration at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem. "I think Congressman Rangel would be a great president. "

Later, when both appeared again at the Rev. Al Sharpton's King Day celebration, also in Harlem, Bloomberg drew applause when he said he had just come from an event where he told the audience that his "choice of a New Yorker for President of the United States was the congressman sitting right here - Congressman Rangel. "

The comments only drew smiles from Rangel.


Maybe I should write about Bloomberg's general smarminess, tendencies toward statism, and stupid comments as a reflection on all those from the Northeast and the culture they love as smarmy, statist, stupid, and Rangel-loving. Nah, that'd be unfair.

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