Replacing Bolton: The Short List Short on Spine?

Posted: Dec 04, 2006 12:50 PM

Drudge is putting George Mitchell's name out there as topping the short list.

So, I guess we're bypassing squishy Republicans and going straight to Democrats?

George Mitchell: Democratic Senate Majority Leader from 1989-1995, started his career in public service when he was appointed by Carter to U.S. Attorney of Maine in 1977, and his Wikipedia entry sports this chilling sentence:

In 1994, President Bill Clinton offered him a seat on the Supreme Court. He declined, citing his desire to focus on the health care plan that was then before the Senate.

Illustrating, of course, his sound judgment.

Ollie North noted the same name recently:

Among those deemed "acceptable" as U.N. emissaries were former Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa and former Democrat Sen. George Mitchell — both ardent supporters of the international body's globalist agenda.

Yes! Nuthin' says good things for America like "ardent support" for the "globalist agenda!"

Update: Khalilzad?

Update: Bush bids farewell to Bolton.