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Apparently the liberal blogs are making a stink because they felt a conservative commentator was making too much of a stink over Barack Obama's middle name.

His name's Barack Hussein Obama. Here's the clip. Judging by the liberal response to it, I figured he'd be blurting "Hussein" every three seconds. You'll see it's somewhat less dire than that:


He says it once.  I'm not sure saying his middle name once qualifies as "another macaca," but they can dream.

The Hotline, in all of its trivial wisdom, then posted the middle names of some other '08 hopefuls.  Let's play matchy-match. Put the middle name with the potential '08 candidate.



First and Last:

George Pataki
John McCain
Tom Tancredo
Sam Brownback

Answers, here. See? This is why I like to keep my middle name out in the open. No surprises, here.

H/t Allah, who wonders whether Obama's the real front-runner in '08, partially because he was anti-war from the beginning while Hillary was not.

But David Sirota, at the HuffPo, outlines a long list of grievances progressives should have with the dreamy candidate. Namely, that he hasn't been aggressively progressive, pushing public financing of elections and universal health care at every turn, and that he-- gasp!--"refused to lift a finger for Ned Lamont."


Of course, Obama's unwillingness to go gung-ho for Canadian-style health care and hang out at Camp Moral Victory with the rest of the nutroots is part of what makes him a dreamy front-runner in the first place. If he followed Sirota's advice, Obama'd be running on pure Nedrenaline, which should never be the hormone of choice for those seeking higher office.

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