Corker Brings It Home

Posted: Nov 08, 2006 12:27 AM

Fox is calling it.

The Dems have to take VA, MT, and MO to take the Senate, I believe. It's getting late. My math is right, right?

Update: Allen's speaking, says there are votes uncounted. The counters went home for the night. Fox is reporting that the Allen campaign called the networks to point out to them that they've transposed the vote totals for Webb and Allen. That explains the discrepancy with the VA elections totals. It's actually Allen who's ahead by a hair. Update: An inappropriately named commenter points out that Webb is up in the officials. The numbers still don't match up with the network numbers. Odd. Anyway, bring on the recount.

Update: I'm not hearing good things about Talent. Most of the outstanding precincts are apparently from the major cities-- lean way Dem.

Update: Gateway Pundit is at Talent headquarters. Talent's up, but I'm hearing nothing's been counted from Kansas City, which is of course, heavily Dem. His margin is closing.