I Just Officially Got Out the Vote

Posted: Nov 05, 2006 7:35 PM

I just made some calls. Have you made yours, yet?

I got mostly answering machines, but the people I did get on the line confirmed they were voting, and many of them had heard from several volunteers. That's the same kind of thing I was hearing about the GOTV efforts in swing states during the '04 72-hour, so not too shabby.

I called to Maryland, so I was pumped about that. Get out there and make some of your own!

I got this report from reader Phil, who's been knocking on doors in Maryland:

I just got back from the GOTV HQ for Steele in New Carrellton. I'd say about 25ish people in the offfice (good representation from African American demographic)...

I went block-walking. Ran into someone from Cardin campaign - they're getting paid $10/ hour.

And, Katie Favazza has spent the weekend on the ground in Missouri.