Waterboarding: How Does It Make You <em>Feel</em>?

Posted: Oct 23, 2006 5:29 PM

I'm assuming that Al Gore's Current TV is assuming that my reaction to this video should be horror--HORROR!

Allah has video of a couple of professional interrogators demonstrating a waterboarding.

I am unmoved. In fact, I'm so unmoved that I wonder why Current thought this would be an effective way to illustrate the barbarity of the Bush administration. Rather, it demonstrates that the Left's hyperventilating over this has been taken to a simply silly level. After many minutes of off-and-on waterboarding (torture, as they'd have you believe), the subject is still speaking clearly and calmly. That guy, it should be remembered, is a SEAL, so he's tougher than most, but I still can't say I feel all that bad about doing this to suspected terrorists.

The kind of guys who killed Daniel Pearl.

Ace is with me on this.

Milblogger Uncle Jimbo has been through these coercive interrogation techniques himself, during SERE training:

Tens of thousands of troops have been through this training and yet somehow the idea that we do these same things to the scum who murder innocents in order to protect innocents is beyond the pale. BS. Why don't we just institute the jihadi draft, make them members of the military and give them a little Resistance love. They have earned it and we can't afford to miss a single tidbit of intel that could help us send more of them along to Allah.

Bottom line is coercive interrogation techniques are proper and should be employed and the line drawn at causing permanent damage to the mind or body. Temporary suffering, degradation, humiliation and even distress are acceptable to me and I believe we should formally state that these are approved for high value prisoners. I also think we should hint that we might even do worse, in a nudge, nudge, wink , wink kinda' way to increase their effectiveness, while stating for the cameras that "The US never sanctions the use of torture".

Read the whole thing.