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CNN Shows Tape of Iraq Insurgent Snipers Shooting American Soldiers

Just saw this on CNN. Where'd they get the tape, which documents insurgent snipers picking off 10 different American soldiers?

"Through intermediaries of the Islamic Army of Iraq, one of the most active insurgent operations in Iraq."

On the tape, the snipers discuss which soldiers to shoot, fire, watch them fall, and praise Allah.

I bet this one won't get banned on YouTube. Snuff films welcome. Later this hour, CNN will take a "closer look at the Islamic Army of Iraq, the group that gave Michael Ware this tape."

Luckily, we're assured that the "decision to run the tapes was not taken lightly." Good Lord.

Update: Since the CNN tone on the Islamic Army was rather uncritical, here's some info from the boys at Jawa Report.

And, here.

Allah notes that there's a news angle to airing stuff like this, which is true. He and the Jawa boys and other bloggers do it all the time, but they do it without taking an inquisitive, "closer look" at the Islamic Army of Iraq. They do it while calling these guys thugs and monsters and terrorists, and illustrating the lengths they're willing to go to kill infidels. CNN's coverage does not take that tack.

And, CNN has, in the past declined to show the beheadings of kidnapping victims and the Mohammed cartoons due to their "sensitivity." But American soldiers killed by snipers, a couple weeks before midterm elections in which Iraq is a central question? Bring. It. On.

Update: Lorie on the same subject:

I thought the "intermediaries" were those like CNN and Reuters that so gladly deliver the terrorists' message to the world. I can't help but wonder how many terrorists could be caught by following the trails backward from al Jazeera and CNN and Reuters and others. I hope that we are already doing that, but would not be surprised to find we are not.

Update: Other things CNN is taking a "closer look" at in these three weeks before the election:

Lou Dobbs takes on the "War on the Middle Class:"

With barely an attempt at journalistic objectivity, against the backdrop "America Votes 2006," the October 18 special painted a teary-eyed picture of a suffering middle class and placed blame squarely on the shoulders of those currently in power.

“We begin tonight with the complete failure of Congress to represent the interests of the largest group of constituents in the country: middle class Americans,” Dobbs said.

And, Jack Cafferty does "Broken Government."

Geez, it's like "Statler and Waldorf Do the Elections."




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