Townhall's First HamNation: Bar Napkin Politics

Posted: Oct 18, 2006 5:54 PM

I am such an unbelievable dork in about 19,000 different ways. This is only one of them.

All right, people asked me about it, so I went out and got me a video blog. It's all the rage, right? It is very, very silly, and I hope you'll take it in that spirit. Politics is a dirty, sometimes depressing, affair. Why not lighten it up a bit sometimes? This is the perfect medium for that.

We're playing around with it, so things will undoubtedly change up a little or a lot from week to week-- the music, the length, the subject matter, the host (Ha ha, just kidding about the last one). I, sadly, am not the editorial machine that my friend Michelle Malkin is, so I will not be able to bring them daily, but I'll do my best.

This week, I try to explain the Reid scandal, on a bar napkin, with stick figures. It's very heady punditry. You can't always see my artwork as well as I'd like, but I'm guessing my producer probably did that to spare you. My producer will pay for this, dearly.

Just kidding of course. Many thanks to the very smart and very talented guy who made this happen, even though he's an LSU fan.

For more on the Reid scandal, see Instapundit, Ace, Allah, Hugh, Newsbusters, and Capt. Ed on the continuing scandal.

My take is that things like this don't really stick, electorally speaking, no matter how wrong they are, unless they're really simple. This is not really simple, but maybe the stick figures will help. Please enjoy.

Update: For more from my "producer," who is actually the extremely talented Justin Germany of Campaign Solutions and is doing me a great service by helping me with these, check out his work for Jim Talent, Lynn Swann, and Michael Steele.

Also, a thousand thanks to conservative vlog pioneer Michelle Malkin for letting me guest occasionally on her show Vent. Go watch her today, and every day. I don't know how she does it.