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So Long, Sparkle, and Thanks for the Memories.

One of my long-time reads has hung up her blogging spurs.

RightWingSparkle's reasons for quitting are beautiful, but she will be greatly missed, nonetheless.

It always weirds me out when bloggers leave the blogosphere. You read them all the time. It's like a daily conversation, and then they're just gone. It feels like an awkward break-up. Not that Sparkle and I were dating. Sheesh, that's how rumors get started.


Sparkle, I hope you'll come back to visit, comment, read, and maybe even blog again. Until then, I know you'll be doing lots of good for lots of people outside the blogosphere, and I'll keep your work in my prayers.

We miss you already. The blogosphere is short one of its classiest members.

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