The DNC's Supporting the Troops

Posted: Oct 07, 2006 11:43 PM

But which ones?

Always nice to fauxtograph them.

H/t Allah.

P.S. I totally posted this item earlier when I saw it at Michelle's, but it never actually posted for some reason. Sorry about that.

Update: Looks like it was the guy who posted the Canadian soldier on iStockphoto rather than necessarily the DNC who Photoshopped it. The original photo LGF found, by an Arpad Benedek, appears to have been uploaded to iStockphoto by Benedek himself who, for whatever reason, looks to have Photoshopped the star out in August. I'm betting someone at the DNC just searched for "sad soldier" or something and came across Benedek's Photoshopped photo and didn't know any better.

Which is pretty dang sad.

Here's Benedek's original.

H/t Florida Cracker, who found the iStockphoto version. And, Chris, who tipped me to Florida Cracker.