Eloquence: Blair Blasts Anti-Americanism

Posted: Sep 14, 2006 8:07 AM

We'll miss you when you go, Tony:

"The danger is if they decide to pull up the drawbridge and disengage. We need them involved," Blair said, spelling out his political vision in a pamphlet published by The Foreign Policy Center think-tank.

"The strain of, frankly, anti-American feeling in parts of European politics is madness when set against the long-term interests of the world we believe in," he said...

Responding to those who have criticized the White House, Blair said in his pamphlet: "The danger with America today is not that they are too much involved."

"We want them engaged. The reality is that none of the problems that press in on us can be resolved or even contemplated without them," he added.

I just plucked the quotes out, but Reuters gave the story its classic, even-handed treatment (emphasis mine):

Blair, U.S. President George W. Bush's closest ally in the so-called war on terror, said Thursday the world urgently needs the United States to help tackle the globe's most pressing problems.

Blair, accused by critics of being Bush's poodle who slavishly follows Washington's line...

As he did during the Iraq War, he sided squarely with Washington over the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas, angering Arab nations and European allies by refusing to call for an immediate cease-fire. (Watch the rise of anti-U.S. feelings around world -- 2:26)

"Yes, please do watch this video about the rise of anti-American feelings over the so-called war on terror as led by Bush and his slavish poodle, Blair," said the neutral news organization.