I Really Think It's Tragic That Some are Politicizing 'Dancing With the Stars'

Posted: Sep 12, 2006 5:36 PM

Come on, people, we all know this is not the time for partisan politics. The debut of "Dancing With the Stars" is but hours away, and yet some insist on playing politics on this important day.

It's about the dance, and the spirit, and the gyrating hips of the American people, not the ballot box. This day does not belong to Dean Barnett or Kos or anyone else.

It belongs to all of us, and so will Tucker's triumph.

Update: I went and made plans to do real-life things away from the computer tonight, like eat dinner with other people outside my house, which will seriously hinder my ability to live-blog both "Dancing With the Stars" and the Laffey-Chafee showdown. 'Doh! I'll do what I can.

In the meantime, how 'bout some predictions? John Hawkins has some, or kinda-sorta predictions.

I talked to the guy who must be considered the expert on the Chafee race today and he had no clue how that one would end up. It could be radically different based on turn-out due to the fact that the primary is open to Republicans and unaffiliated voters. Larger turn-out favors Chafee, so says the CW, because it means the unaffiliateds are coming out for him.

I'll make a prediction, which will undoubtedly go down in flames this evening. But, hey, you gotta put yourself out there. I think Dr. Phil said that. I'm going 51-49, Laffey, just because that sounds fun. You'll notice it's almost the exact same prediction I made the last time I predicted a race. But that time, I turned out right, so it just feels right to repeat it.

Maybe my radical Christian Lord will smile on an opinion almost as radically uninformed as Rosie's!