Need We Review the Definition of 'Effete?'

Posted: Sep 08, 2006 2:54 PM

The California governor calls a Latina lawmaker "hot," and the Dem candidate for governor calls the remarks "offensive," "embarrassing," and "disturbing."

And these guys wonder why the American people aren't real comfortable relying on them for protection?

The "hot" Latina lawmaker Ahnold was referring to was cool about the situation:

Garcia said there was no need for Schwarzenegger to apologize...

Garcia, responding today to Angelides, dismissed his comments: "The only embarrassment in California today is Phil Angelides' sad and predictably partisan statement."

On Thursday, Garcia and McCarthy called the conversation irrelevant, even funny. Plescia had no comment. 

Seriously, can we just chill on the weekly race outrage from the Left? Don't you guys get exhausted?